Mindfulness Helped My 2021

I want to continue practising mindfulness in 2022

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Now we are in the middle of January 2022. There are a lot of resolutions or goals that I read on my social media timeline from my online friends. January is the month of optimism, but when the months pass, resolutions can be forgotten.

I had an amazing year in 2021. Both failure and achievements happened in my life. There was a time when I lost some money because I had been scammed, and there were a lot of miracles. Once again, since 2017 I could achieve more than 80% of my annual resolution.

When I track back how I could gain so many miracles last year, I find a similar pattern. It occurred because I practised mindfulness.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

In February 2021, I lost some money when I should pay my freelancers. I created a small platform called Wordholic Class to promote my writing classes (I also become a writing coach and sometimes I invite another talented coach to collaborate). Until I did a mistake and let my guard down to be scammed.

It was my first loss since I created Wordholic Class in 2019. I was stressed and my anxiety rose up. I couldn’t digest my food well. I have GERD and at that time I felt pain in my stomach because of the stress accumulation.

Then, I read about stoicism and mindfulness. I adjusted my vision board. Focus on the next goal. Glad I did good financial planning, so I could pay my team with my emergency saving.

I manifested to get projects like coaching in some writing communities, creating projects with many great people, writing articles for my clients, and taking regular breaks when I felt tired. I took my paid leave in my office. I refused a project which wasn’t suitable for my holiday schedule. I wrote in my journal and was present without doing multitasking tasks.

Multitasking is a myth. I watched Korean dramas and anime. Learning Korean language on Duolingo. Enjoying my time and when November came, my goals on the vision board had been marked. I increased my saving. And I started dating a great man after a series of failures in romance relationships LOL.

Recovering after failures and Covid-19 self-isolation wasn’t easy. However, I learned a lot, crying, and laughing. Mindfulness and stoicism helped me to accept my flaws and loss. There will be sunlight after the darkest hours. 2022 will be greater.



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Reffi Dhinar

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