Luck is a Myth, Privilege is True

"You are lucky because you have a warm family. My parents are toxic," one of friend of mine said it.

"How lucky she is. She can learn abroad because of her wealth." I think about it when I see many popular persons who earn their degree without scholarship.

Luck is a myth. I have a warm family as my privilege. The rich girl can earn her degree in another country as her privilege. However luck is different with privilege. To be a 'lucky one' we need to be mentally prepared, we need to be ready all the time when the chance comes, we should know how to get close to the luck source. It isn’t only about timing but also strategy.

Luck Needs Preparation

Privilege doesn't need timing or working too hard to get the ideal condition. Eventhough I believe that someone can waste the privilege because of their ignorance, he/she can see the other option to fix their mistake immediately (if their closest circle care about that).

People who aren't blessed with privilege and changing their luck will give their best effort 1000 times higher. For example, I have warm family so it becomes my privilege. I can study comfortably in my home. But my Dad just gives me a limited allowance to buy something. I studied like a crazy nerd in my college time, getting scholarship, working passionately and saving my money. After I become a working girl, I can buy many books as I want and traveling to some wonderful places with my money. It seems like I'm lucky but I must struggle to get it.

If my family is crazy rich, I just ask my Dad to give me free ticket in business class and travel everywhere since I am a school girl. Privilege is true.

Look an Opportunity

If you were born with some privileges, confess it and maximise it as the right tool to enhance your success. Don't look down to the people who don't have the same privilege like you with saying like this, "You can do it if you learn bla bla."

If you know about some people who need help, use your privilege to support them. As a famous influencer you can ask your follower to help or collecting fund for instance.

In the contrary, if you want to change your luck but you don't have any privilege, there is no other way than fighting as much as you can. Expand your network, reading and learn from the right material, if you don't know how, open your eyes and ears to find some opportunities.

And if you know some challenges come around you, be brave to take a risk. Learning by doing is good too. Don’t think about the series of failures, it makes sense because we weren’t born with a golden spoon in our mouth. Don’t complain without fighting.



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